Top Tech Articles of 2017

From the apps that manage your subscriptions to ways to keep your phone running when the battery is at its best, here are tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of the technologies you use on a daily basis and 2017 was stuffed with them. Start 2018 on the right track with the best tech posts of the year from Lifehacker.

Make the most of your iPhone’s dead battery

For nerds, talking about the weather is talking about a dead phone battery. If you have an iPhone that hopefully isn’t slowed down by Apple on purpose, you should take these battery saving measures and apply them in your day to day life. It will ease your anxiety when you are away longer than usual, or keep you in touch with the people you care about when your phone is on its last legs.

Battle giant corporations by buying locally

Sure, apps like Amazon let you buy items from all over the world, but if you want it to be male-related, consider buying from local and black businesses. Black Wall Street is an app that uses your location to find nearby black-owned businesses that you may visit frequently. Before buying those shoes from Zappos or this book from Barnes & Noble, check to see if there is a local business in your area you can support to keep conglomerates at bay.

Watch out for life-kidnapping subscriptions

Your wallet is under attack from all directions, so take it out in the new year with the subscription management app, Bobby. Whether you have one Netflix subscription, the Spotify family plan, or almost a dozen recurring payments that you need to monitor (welcome to my life), you need Bobby to constantly monitor who has access to your wallet. base.

Update Windows 10 before it’s too late!

For heaven’s sake, please upgrade to Windows 10. I understand you don’t want to deal with any potential bugs and issues you might encounter while upgrading, but you can always do a clean install of the operating system (back up your data first of course) and start 2018 with a clean slate and an even cleaner hard drive. Remember, after December 31st, you have to pay for Windows 10, and who wants to?

Ditch the Fruit-themed Phone in 2018

2017 saw the release of some great smartphones from both established companies and newcomers to the market. If you are an iPhone user, now is the time to consider, perhaps switch sides and join the ranks of Android users around the world. The Google Pixel 2 phone gives an iPhone value for the money and makes it easy to switch from iOS to Android with minimal hassle.

Find out how to keep your data safe

Whether you’re storing some sensitive personal information on this stick in your keychain or trying to make your email a little more secure, learning how to keep your data safe from prying eyes should be your number one priority in the new year. Buy yourself a VPN , Yubikey, and an encrypted stick you made yourself to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox and internet connection.

Enjoy comics without cluttering your home

Don’t let the limitations of our 3D physical space deter you from reading comics in the new year to prepare for T’Challa’s fight against the forces of evil. You can store as many comics as you can read on your mobile device or computer thanks to the gift of digital comics. Whether you buy them in installments or pay a monthly subscription to read as much as you want, you must learn to read, buy, and save issues to take with you wherever you go.


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