Tell Us Your Top Tips for Indianapolis

Aside from that one big car race, Indianapolis is not getting enough attention for a city of over 800,000. Let’s give him some. Let’s really put Indianapolis on the map. Let’s write about this post “Hack your city.”

Residents of Indianapolis, what good is your city? What’s the trick here? What do you explain to new tenants? Where do you take your visitors? Where are you hiding from visitors, but somehow ready to share on the Internet right now?

Are there any unique restaurants or shops, weird local laws, or underrated bars? Are there any great racing attractions outside of the Indy 500? Are there any local celebrities to look out for or parks with great views? The weirder or more incomprehensible the tip, the better.

Comment below and we’ll present the best tips in Thursday’s post. San Francisco is about as big as Indianapolis and these people left 74 comments . Can we defeat them?


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