Don’t Send Email This Week

Everyone scoffed at the performative pep talk from this fellow Ticketmaster who thinks working on the holidays turns you into Usain Bolt, but one thing he’s right: most people, even when they’re back in the office, don’t work between Christmas. and New Years Eve.

The rest of Nathan Hubbard’s tweet is a messy metaphor and a bad lesson. So if you’re also not working hard on finding new ways to charge your concertgoers an extra 3.8%, don’t listen to this dude. Instead, listen to writer, cofounder Cassius and VP of News and Male Programming at iOne Digital, Jameela Lemieux:

Don’t email people this week if you don’t need to. It’s not about being nice, it’s about being effective. If your email isn’t the most important part of someone else’s inbox, they won’t worry about it later, or maybe never.

You can go ahead and write your emails. Create whatever you like! And you can use Boomerang or Streak to schedule automatic shipment next week. Do all the work you want this week. Just don’t be surprised when no one does it.


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