Most of the Wrapping Paper Is Recyclable, so Do Not Throw It Away

When you’re cleaning up after today’s holidays, remember that most of the wrapping paper these days is really recyclable.

In general, any plain wrapping paper can be thrown in the trash can, not in the trash can. The only kind you need to throw away is paper decorated with foil or sequins. RecycleNow offers to use “test compression ” to determine suitable if anything recyclable. If he wrinkles, then it is possible, if not, then it is impossible.

Before filling the trash can, you need to remove all bows and ribbons from the paper (I recommend using children for this). And make sure your local recycling center accepts it. The vast majority do this today, but some are still unable to cope with it.

Before you get rid of anything, it’s worth looking at what you are going to throw away and decide if you can use it again. A few years ago, I got into the habit of collecting tissue paper and gift bags, as well as a few large pieces of intact brown paper, and stacking them in a large plastic container after the gifts were unrolled.

I bought one roll of paper this year, but 75% of my gifts were wrapped in the paper I used to love. My gift recipients were no wiser and I didn’t have to struggle again with getting everything for gift wrapping this year, I already had everything I needed.


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