Track How Much Time You Spend on Social Media With This IPhone App

You’re queuing at the grocery store, so now is the time to flip through Facebook. But then you do it again while you’re stuck in traffic, bringing groceries home, and then again waiting for lunch to arrive. Before you know it, you might be spending cumulative social media hours throughout the day, hours you never get back, that you could possibly have spent, at least some of, on something a little better.

Over the past few months, several friends of mine have decided to remove Facebook and Twitter from their phones to restrict their use of social media. It’s a strategy that helped them cut down on both, but also made them skip invitations to events and other things because they weren’t looking at the whole thing.

It would be better to find some kind of medium. Enter Pixsee . The app tracks your social media usage and allows you to set limits on how much time you spend on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each day.

Instead of using every single app, you can access everything through the Pyxsee app. You can use the app to post to all of your social media accounts at once (if you like), and if you are a parent, you can use the app to set usage limits for your kids for a monthly fee.

You can switch between granting unlimited access and time limiting as often as you like, so this is definitely not the ideal plan for cutting back on social media usage. However, if you just want to be more aware of this, it might give you some insight into how you currently use social media so that you can actively try to bring it down.


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