How to Track Santa Tonight

It’s Christmas Eve, which means everyone’s favorite fat guy in a red suit is getting ready to hand out gifts to all the kids who have spent the year in their best behavior.

When it comes to tracking down the jovial old man, there are tons of options. Here are some of your best options:

NORAD Santa Tracker

North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, is the gold standard in Santa tracking. You can track Santa online using NORAD as well as through its mobile app.

In addition to locating Santa, users of the mobile app can also learn more about Santa’s history and learn about Christmas and other holiday traditions around the world. You can also play games and buy NORAD gear using the app .

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is a mobile app that lets you track the big guy’s movements throughout the night while you finish your holiday shopping. There are also some fun games built into the app to keep the little ones entertained as you struggle to find a spot in the mall’s parking lot.

Google also offers an online Santa Tracker , and you can do a simple Google search for “Santa Tracker” to quickly find out where the person in red is right now.

Santa spy camera

If you go to the NORAD website, you can see where Santa is on a Google Earth-style map. The icons on the map and at the bottom allow you to touch and learn more about the city, and the Movies button at the top of the page allows you to see a video of Santa Claus being spotted. Here’s a video from Japan taken earlier today:

Follow him on Facebook

NORAD also has a Facebook page for tracking Santa. Here you can see live video of Santa’s stops around the world and learn more about NORAD and the people tracking Santa.


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