Get Ready to Throw Away Gifts

If somehow it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will happen someday. You unwrap a gift from a distant relative or beloved partner, and … it’s terrible. You forcefully smile and say, “Thank you so much, I like it.” What happens next?

Do you keep the gift forever by letting an ugly wheelbarrow mess up your shelf or stuffing a hideous sweater in the back of a drawer? Or, when you are at home and neat, do you get rid of the bad gift?

If option two terrifies you: why? This is the 100% correct choice. Unless the giver is seriously expecting to see his gift on your body or in your home and will actually notice when he doesn’t, there is no reason to keep a bad gift.

Once you have received the gift, graciously and gratefully, your obligations will be honored. Everything related to a gift – buying, wrapping, opening, hugging – happened and was done. Don’t let this be a burden.

Donate this. Pass it on to someone who really likes it. Selling at a garage sale. Dispose of it or throw it away. Then enjoy the feeling of freedom. I promise you didn’t do anything wrong.


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