Use This Cheat to Get Extra Free Life in HQ Trivia

I’ve been playing HQ Trivia for over a month now and still have nothing to show. I usually can’t get past the 4th or 5th question (out of 12), but one day I made it to the 11th round thanks to a little luck and extra life.

Unfortunately, getting an extra life at headquarters isn’t easy. You can get it if someone signs up using your referral code. By now, all of your friends have most likely already downloaded the game, so this is not an option. But it turns out there is another way to get an extra life with a simple trick.

All you have to do is open the app and quickly swipe across the home screen several times with two fingers, as if you were swiping your laptop’s trackpad. If that works, you should see a red heart at the bottom of the screen where it says Extra Lives.

Mashable cracked this cheat after being exposed by an anonymous informant. I have verified that it works on my own iPhone as well, just like another member of the Lifehacker team. So if you want some extra life for the next round of the HQ quiz, act as soon as possible before the company knows about it and releases a patch.


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