How to Set up a Basic Audio System for Your Smart Home

Our series of videos Homehackers returns to help you turn your typical house in a super cool smart home. In this installment, we’ll go over the basics of smart home stereos and talk about your best starting options for listening to music in any room in your home.

I meet again with home technology expert John Quayne at Homehackers headquarters to learn about the smart sound systems that most people love right now. First up is the Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speaker , which is easiest to set up, has great sound quality for the $ 130 speaker, and runs on battery power so you can take it with you wherever you go (even if you’re not at home). Next up is the $ 150 Amazon Echo Plus , which is a great option for non-audiophiles who need Alexa functionality and don’t mind good, but not great, audio quality. Last but not least, the popularSonos PLAY: 1 has superior audio quality and allows multiple speakers to be installed in the same room for $ 200 each (current new low price is $ 150).

After we go over the basics of each speaker, JQ will show us how to quickly connect your smartphone to a Bose speaker via Bluetooth, set up Amazon Echo Plus and download music skills in the Alexa app, and get your Sonos sound system up and running. right out of the box. Be sure to check out our other Homehackers episodes on setting up a smart home hub and water sensor , as well as our video guide on smart lighting and wireless security cameras .


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