Cranberry Sauce Can Be Used After the Turkey Has Run Out

A half-eaten can of jellied cranberry sauce is a pretty sad sight, but there’s no reason to throw away this tart and sweet substance, even if you’ve eaten every last bite of turkey.

This is part of the Lifehacker Eating Trash With Claire series in which Claire Lower convinces you to turn your kitchen waste into something edible and tasty.

First, cranberry sauce can last for quite a long time (up to three weeks) and has all sorts of uses, both savory and sweet (and alcoholic). Here are some of my favorite ways to use any leftover cranberry sauce, homemade or canned:

  • Make a cocktail : A spoonful of cranberry sauce adds brightness and acidity, and all this pectin gives the drink a surprisingly rounded mouthfeel.
  • Pour it over pancakes and waffles: It goes especially well with homemade whole berry sauce.
  • Meat Sauce (or Glaze): You can spread it over a ham, leg of lamb, or even a roast pork, or you can add it to your favorite barbecue sauce bottle for extra appeal. Want a fruity flavor in a skillet sauce ? At the very end, throw in a large spoon.
  • Mix it with plain yogurt: sweeter cranberry sauces work best here, as plain yogurt itself is quite tart.
  • Eat it with cheese: Simply place it on a large serving of melted sticky brie, or spread it on the inside of a cheese sandwich before grilling. It’s also delicious on Triskite with a bit of blue.
  • Use it as an ice cream filling: Make your favorite dairy dessert a little more festive by adding a little sour sauce.

Also, don’t underestimate its power as a simple spreading for sandwiches. While it’s really sung with sliced ​​turkey, it’s okay with ham, chicken, or really good cheese.


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