Soothe Your Social Anxiety With This Screaming and Mumbling Piece

People who have never bought something just to make excuses for spending three minutes in the store: leave.

Neurotic comrades: Hello! The New Yorker has a humorous article for you called “How to Move to the Next Stall in the Holiday Market Without Getting Awkward,” with examples like:

Bring a photo album of all the clothes you currently own and show the kiosk owner that the items he sells don’t really match your aesthetic.

It’s a good way to remember, if you’re socially awkward, that you don’t have to explain yourself too long to everyone about every little decision you make, because no one really pays attention to you and actually thinks they do are narcissistic, and, maybe you should be worried.


How To Move To The Next Stall At The Holiday Fair Without Getting Awkward | New Yorker


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