Host a Family Vacation Safety Seminar on This Site

Gather the family at the laptop screen: it’s time to give them the best online security. While you can’t give a presentation explaining everything from why your password shouldn’t be your birthday to why you shouldn’t open every email, you can help your loved ones learn about the best security methods. everything will protect them. Using Security Planner , you can easily educate your family members about the basics of online security and data protection in their day-to-day activities, without exposing you to (as many as possible) questions or bewildered looks. Your questions about two-factor authentication, which apps are most secure, and how to best protect your privacy will be answered based on your security needs.

Created by security and privacy research organization Citizen Lab, the Security Planner asks a few simple questions about your devices, your online habits, and your security concerns.

First, you tell Security Planner what devices you have and what services you are using. You then select the security concerns you have, from wanting to increase your privacy to gaining access to websites blocked by your ISP or where you live.

The recommendations provided by Security Planner mainly come in the form of free apps that you can download ( such as the Signal encrypted chat app ) or free services (such as enabling two-factor authentication on your accounts ) that increase the security of your online identity. There are also proposals for security methods that require a few dollars, such as buying a hardware security key or signing up for a VPN.

You can click “More” next to each recommendation to learn exactly how to get started securing your social media accounts, backing up your iPhone, or managing passwords. The Security Planner will also explain why each tool is important – or necessary – to adequately protect digital privacy.

While the solutions offered by Security Planner, such as the $ 40 Yubikey or the $ 60 annual VPN subscription, require you to shell out some cash, they provide an extra layer of protection that is well worth the investment. You can use this VPN to hide your web traffic or view content that is blocked in your country and that Yubikey can prevent your accounts from being hacked, even if someone manages to navigate through your laptop or password.


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