Tell Us Your Best London Tips

In London, a city named after its famous bridge, get to London! It is well known that all Englishmen are from London, that everyone in the city is rich and friends with the Queen, and that they all look at Big Ben when they ride double-decker buses and hold on to their derbies.

This week on Hack Your City, we would like a few Londoners who are still reading to give their best tips on how to live, work or go on vacation in the city. Is Hackney still the coolest neighborhood? How do you choose between buses, taxis and trains? How to reduce costs? Where are you going to drink? What is the most important thing in your city and what would you like to change? Is there a trick to navigate this tight web of streets and alleys?

(I have a specific case to solve: when I visited one day, I stayed in Soho and found that every beautiful middle-class establishment in the neighborhood is a network, albeit a chain, which we do not have in America. chains, but in which area should I stay for more experience?)

Give us your best London advice, the stranger or more incomprehensible the better. We’ll present the best tips below and compile the best of the best in a fresh post on Thursday.


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