Track Your Fuel Ineffective Driving Habits With GasBuddy

Wherever you live, gas is expensive. GasBuddy was one of those apps that people have used for years to find the cheapest place to refuel, and now it has a new feature to help you extend the life of that fuel.

This week, the company launched a new ‘Rides’ feature that pinpoints exactly where and when you were guilty of inefficient driving. The idea is that if you see yourself always braking too much when driving in a certain area, at a certain speed, or on a certain stretch of highway, you can see where these problems are occurring and make adjustments to your driving habits.

At the end of every trip you take with the app, you get a score for your driving based on a three-tier system. Your trip will be marked as “excellent”, “not bad” or “not great”.

Along with this rating, you will also receive a summary of your trip with the date of the trip, time of day and distance traveled, as well as a map that shows exactly where you had problems during your trip and what you did with them. cause it.

It’s not as good as knowing in real time what you are doing to burn your tank. If you are interested, I would recommend trying Dash or Automatic (both of which require a device connected to your OBD sensor in order to provide this information in real time).

If you’re not quite ready to buy vehicle monitoring equipment, then this can be a great solution to at least understand where things are going wrong.


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