Make Your Trash Smell Good With Essential Oils

Your trash smells bad. If you take out one of these airtight cans with a lid, your trash will only smell bad when you open it, releasing a wet, rancid mist right in your face. The best solution is to separate your food waste and store it in the freezer. But if you don’t compost your food waste, that’s too much work. Instead – or also – add some essential oil.

Apartment Therapy recommends soaking a cotton pad in essential oil and then placing it between your trash bag and tin can. You are simply masking the smell with something beautiful. But citrus or tea tree oils also fight bacteria, the blog said. Peppermint oil repels rodents and neem oil repels insects.

Make sure you are using the essential oil. I, a clich├ęd husband, bought some lemon extract, which was not strong enough. Luckily, we had some rosemary essential oil in the closet, which has expired a long time ago, but it still smells strong. We soaked a cotton pad and it certainly filled the place with scent. Be careful with excessive odor; For several days, every time we opened the can, the whole apartment smelled of camphor.

Why You Should Put a Cotton Ball in the Trash Bin | Apartment therapy


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