How to Set up Smart Lighting and Wireless Surveillance Cameras

It’s time to turn your simple home into a smart one, folks! This is easier than you think. We continue our Homehackers video series by looking at smart lighting, smart switches, and wireless security cameras.

In the last installment, we covered the basics of a smart home, such as installing hubs and water sensors that monitor potential flood hazards , but now we get to the fun stuff. Ever wish you could turn on your old and reliable coffee maker right out of bed? A smart switch can make this possible. Want to set the mood for a dinner party with a tap? Smart lighting almost makes things easy. Or maybe you want to see what happens in your home when you are not around? A well-positioned CCTV camera allows you to watch it all on your smartphone.

I sat down with consumer technology expert John Quayne to find out about the most popular options that won’t go bankrupt. We’re discussing smart switches like the Wemo┬« Mini Smart Plug , smart lighting systems like the Philips Hue Starter Kit , and the Nest wireless home security camera . In the next installment of Homehackers, we ‘ll take a closer look at some smart home sound systems so you can heal your ears.


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