Bring Your Stylists Selfies to Show Them Exactly How You Want to Look

The next time you do a haircut or shape your eyebrows, don’t make the mistake of trying to describe what you want. Instead of saying “just get a haircut” and hoping your stylist knows what that means, take a selfie and show the stylist exactly how you want to look.

Showing your stylist a selfie – as opposed to, say, a celebrity photo – solves two problems:

  1. This gives your stylist a visual idea of ​​what you expect from the meeting.
  2. If you do a haircut, a selfie helps the stylist understand how you usually style your hair.

Even if you’re looking for a whole new style, show your stylist a couple of selfies so they can figure out what your hair and eyebrows usually look like and what you hope to change. Plus – and this is for all of us who have asked for “Rachel” or “Mag Ryan” – the selfie proves that the look you want can actually be achieved with your hair.

Another tip: don’t make the stylist wait while you go through your photos. Before the meeting, find the photos you want and take a screenshot. This way, they will be the first photos the stylist sees when you open your photo app.


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