Best Fitness Hacks of 2017

We all want to be in shape, but sometimes you just need extra acceleration to get to the gym, make a workout decision, or deal with the consequences. Here are our best fitness hacks of 2017.

How to exercise if you are still sick after your last workout

The hardest part of adhering to a workout routine is getting started, but the second hardest part is showing up for the next workout when everything seems to be on fire. But you won’t get off the hook! In fact, staying at home is not the best course of action. Here’s what to do instead.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout is supremely good

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once tried Jazzercise and said she is committed to the Canadian Air Force’s daily bodyweight workouts . But twice a week, she reportedly does 90-minute gym sessions that raise the bar ( you know? ) For healthy people around the world.

The best workouts for your first day after the break

Are you going to play sports more often today? Or are you just going back to what you were doing before the holiday parties ruined your schedule? Anyway, it’s time to get started. We’ve selected six workouts that are perfect for your first (or second) day after your workout.

How to get rid of the best excuses about not exercising

When you don’t feel like exercising, you can come up with all kinds of excuses. We understand that exercise is the worst. You could do so many things instead. You do not have time. And so on and so forth. But regular exercise has too many benefits for us to sit back while you pretend it’s a good reason not to exercise.

The 3 x 30 workout program is ideal for people who cannot exercise constantly

If you find it difficult to train constantly, you may need to rethink your ideals around training. For example, one workout below par is better than skipping it altogether. Try Nate Green’s 3 x 30 workout. It’s just 30 minutes of your day.

Workout Showdown: Sworkit vs. Nike Training Club

Maybe you can’t go to the gym. Maybe you don’t want to go to the gym. Maybe the gym is damn expensive. The good thing is that you can start your workout right away with your phone. But which app gives you the best workouts? We’ll find out today.

Try These Stretches Even If You Are Not Flexible

If you are adamant, you may feel like there is no point in stretching. But how will you ever become more flexible without stretching? A session like the one shown in today’s video might help.

Five ways to work out in the gym when there are a lot of people

You want to work out, but when the gym is so crowded that all the machines and benches are in use, you need the composure not to say, “Fuck it!” and kick something on the way out. Don’t worry: you may not get the workout planned, but with a little ingenuity, you can still get a good one .

I tried a vintage mail-order bodybuilding course and there is a reason no one else does them.

“I CAN HELP YOU GREAT WEAPONS, WIDE SHOULDERS AND A GIANT CHEST IN FOUR WEEKS,” promises the Body-Tone brochure. It is the “World’s Fastest Strength and Muscle Building System”. It cost $ 20 in the late 1950s, but today the program is available free of charge at the Stark Center Archives . I’m ready to start.

Your gym should be either very close or very pretty

Getting into the habit of going to the gym a couple of times a week isn’t easy, but a new report shows that there are two things that can help you get off the couch: comfort and quality.

How to work on one chin-up

If one or more chinups is one of your goals in life, you’re in luck. Here’s a game plan you can follow, even if all you can do is hang out like a bag of meat.


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