What Cannot Be Cleaned in the Kitchen?

Hello and welcome back toWhat’s Cooking? , an open thread where you can share your brilliant thoughts, tips, recipes and opinions on all food related matters. This week I want to talk about cleaning, or rather about those things that you do not clean (or rarely).

I’m a pretty clean person. I wash my bedding weekly, use a shower spray daily, even wash my trash can regularly, but not my coffee pot. A simple rinse is enough. (The only exception is when I forgot to rinse, pour and rinse it before leaving town, and mold formed on the coffee residue; then I definitely rinsed it.) So, I want to know what you do n’t. Wash or wash completely in the kitchen, or do not clean it often. I’ll start by listing everything mine:

  • Coffee pot: As we just discussed, I just rinse it out. This also applies to the small basket that holds the ground.
  • My Grinder: Trying to clean it with bread made my grinder crumbly and I never noticed any taste from any “old” grounds.
  • My knives (sometimes): If they are not very sticky, I often just wipe them with a damp cloth before returning them to the magnetic stripe.
  • My cast iron skillet and my non-stick skillet: Again, this depends on the project, but in most cases, wiping down with a damp paper towel or rag is sufficient.
  • Oven: Okay, I really should clean this up. I just never had. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend (I won’t).

Okay, now it’s your turn. Tell me your dirty little secrets, and – if you have any tips for cleaning hard-to-reach kitchen items – I’ll use them too.


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