This Free Service Notifies You When Your Child’s Belongings Are Revoked

For a bedtime reading to immerse yourself in a spiral of paranoia, check out the constantly updated list of US Consumer Product Safety Commission reviews. At first glance, I realized that Totally Me! Clay craft kits may contain mold , this cute OshKosh baby jacket poses a choking hazard, the engine inside this Fisher-Price child seat can overheat and catch fire , other hoverboards can explode , and another child dies after IKEA is not attached to anchor. MALM a chest of drawers with three drawers fell on top of him . What’s even more frustrating is that since only 10 percent of recalled products are repaired or returned , most of these unsafe products continue to be used.

Aside from bookmarking the CPSC list and checking every tube of diaper cream, jumpsuit, doll, and rattle in the house (and really who does it?), How can parents know if there might be a problem with something they have? One free service named Bonnie wants to take over the job. Using AI, it automatically tracks items in your home for recalls and other security issues – basically, it checks your past and future receipts sent by email – and alerts you if something you purchased might be dangerous. (Brands pay Bonnie to share these alerts.) Bonnie then gives you step-by-step troubleshooting steps. In particular, the service can be useful for parents, as more than 100 toys and children’s products are remembered annually.

You can subscribe to Bonnie by connecting your email. For major email providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and AOL, Bonnie doesn’t see or store your passwords. (When you grant access to your mailbox, these mail services provide a token that Bonnie presents each time the receipt scanner is activated. For other mail services and shopping accounts that do not offer this option, Bonnie stores your passwords encrypted. ) I signed up and so far so good – none of the items I bought online have been recalled. You will want all your family members who shop online to subscribe to this service as well.

Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief and stop updating your review list.


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