One of Your Equifax Hack Protections Will Expire Soon

Remember this massive Equifax security breach ? If you put a 90-day fraud alert on your credit report, it will most likely expire right now.

Experts recommend placing a fraud alert in your account to make it a little harder for scammers to use your stolen information. But it looks more like a bandage than a solid security system – while some agencies may ask a few personal questions to double-check your identity after seeing a warning, others simply won’t. Therefore, make sure you take further steps to protect your information.

Make sure your loan is safe

While the focus on Equifax has shifted, it’s important to remember that 143 million people were affected by this breach, and hackers could not only steal data about modifiable things like your credit card information, but also have access to some social security numbers.

This is why it is important to be proactive when it comes to protecting your network security. Freeze loans for all three of your credit reports. Yes, unfreezing costs money (typically $ 3 to $ 10, although the exact price depends on the state you live in), but given the long-term costs and headaches associated with recovering a stolen identity, it’s well worth it.

If you have not already done so, request a credit report from three major agencies to check for discrepancies. You can also subscribe to a credit monitoring service. You will need to research what is best for you, but these services essentially track the credit activity associated with your name.

Don’t be limited by your credit report

Since the scammers also had access to social security numbers, they could do damage that might not show up on your credit report (or show up right away). In theory, scammers could: steal your Social Security benefits or tax return, open utility bills in your name, get payday loans, commit insurance fraud, access your Medicare benefits and access your 401 (k) or other investments.

This is why some experts recommend considering using an anti-theft service that can also track loan applications and illegal activity on the dark web. You will want to keep track of your bank accounts and investments.

And keep in mind that scammers do not have a deadline for using stolen information. Protecting your identity should now become a routine part of your life.


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