How to Add Friends on Sony PlayStation 4

Whether you’re heading home (or staying home) for the holidays, all that downtime gives you enough hours to spend a few rounds of Destiny 2 with your buddies. It’s even easier if you really know how to play with them. Sony offers you several ways to add friends to your PlayStation 4 using services that you probably already use. Plus, it fixes the problem of managing your friends lists with long emails and gamer pens, all with your game controller. There is an easy way to make sure you have all the online friends you need to get through the holidays and possibly improve your rating in Destiny 2, and it doesn’t involve sending messages to everyone you know asking them to enter 12 -digit code or using D-pad to spell everyone’s email address correctly.

Use the PlayStation app on your phone

You don’t need to sit in front of a game console to improve your gaming social life. In fact, it will be easier if you use whatever smartphone you have. The PlayStation app makes it easier for you to manage your friends and related services. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play . It’s definitely better than using a controller or keyboard on your PS4.

You will need a PSN ID to not only add friends on your PS4, but also buy games, stream videos, and use game and PS Plus codes. You can create one either on your PlayStation 4 (create a new local user account, then select “New to PlayStation Network? Create account”) or on your computer via the Sony website .

After you enter the app with your PSN ID, tap a couple of smiling faces, i.e. the friends icon, to see the friends you follow, pending friend requests, other users you recently played with, and players who you may know based on your social media services. Click the search icon to enter a friend’s name or PSN ID.

Once you find someone you want to add, tap their profile, click Add Friend, and wait for them to accept or reject your request. Selecting the “Request a close friend” option allows you to see the user’s real name if you are not already friends with him on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t be alarmed, keep requests for real name to a minimum, especially if you don’t know who someone really is.

If you’d like to be informed about what your friends are doing when they kill orcs or whatever, the PlayStation app can send you notifications of various messages, invitations, or friend requests (although you should probably turn off PlayStation sponsored messages). You will need to download the separate PlayStation Messages app if you want to do more than manage your friends or your profile.

Link your social media accounts

If you want to make it easier for friends to find you on PSN, you can simply link social media accounts where you are already listed as friends. Linking your PSN ID to your Facebook and Twitter accounts can show you the PSN accounts of friends you probably didn’t know they had a PlayStation 4 about and get rid of everyone’s cheeky game pad whenever you see them on your console’s news feed, which will make things easier. to determine who is playing.

In the PlayStation app, press the PS button and then the settings icon. Select “Link PS App to Services” and follow the instructions to link your Facebook or Twitter to the app. From there, you can search for friends who also linked their social media accounts to their PSN ID.

Use your console (but take your keyboard)

The process is pretty similar to your console, but retyping handles or player names can be tricky on this DualShock 4 controller. Buy a Bluetooth keyboard and plug it into your PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to worry about typing the correct letter on the console’s tiny onscreen keyboard. Make sure your Bluetooth keyboard is turned on and ready to pair. Then on your PlayStation 4 go to Settings and select Devices. If your device is in pairing mode, the PlayStation 4 will automatically connect to it (although in some cases you may need to enter the console’s on-screen PIN to authenticate the process).

You can link accounts on PlayStation 4 by going to Settings> Account Management> Link to Other Services. Add friends by selecting the Friends icon and entering their name or PSN ID. You can also use your PlayStation 4 to better manage which updates you see, so you don’t get riddled with news from gamers you don’t really know. In the Friends section, you can select the Unsubscribe tab and choose whose updates you no longer want to see.

You will still be friends with them, but you can spare yourself the hourly updates on how they are doing in Destiny 2. Sharing the app and console not only guarantees you. ”I have someone to play with during the holidays, but you will only receive notifications or updates from friends you really care about.


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