Three US Airlines to Start Banning Smart Baggage in January

Smart luggage is a small revolution for people who love to recharge their electronic devices from suitcases. But – and perhaps blame the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for its inspiration – airlines have banned some of those suitcases for fear of fires.

The Verge reports that Delta, American and Alaska Airlines will ban luggage with non-removable lithium-ion batteries starting January 15. ( CNN says other airlines may follow suit.) You can check smart bags if you remove the batteries and take them on board in your carry-on baggage. You can still carry smart bags with removable batteries.

Before you panic, check if your smart bag has a removable battery. (Bags Away suitable , but the battery Bluesmart built-in.)

There have been no fires from smart bag batteries, but given the damage a cargo hold fire can cause, the FAA is taking a safety-rather than regrettable approach, putting the batteries in the cockpit where any problems can be fixed. with fast.


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