Spread the Festive Mood and Do Great Benefit With Operation Santa

Okay, yes, tying charity work to the holidays can be a challenge . But also at this time of year, many people need seasonal gifts to make life enjoyable, and winter essentials, and Operation Santa is a great way to help.

As part of Operation Santa, the USPS collects letters addressed to the big red guy and connects them with people willing to donate.

We think of children’s letters to Santa as trifles. Dear Santa, I want a pony. Dear Santa, I want a little sister. Dear Santa, please bring my little brother back. But some of the letters that the USPS collects indicate a deeper need.

Louise, 12, asks Santa for a jacket, boots, sweaters, a stuffed elephant … and, okay, an iPad. (Dream big!) Daisy writes on behalf of her autistic, 5-year-old son Ivan, asking for metal tight or pop tubes her non-verbal son loves.

You can view emails by category in English or Spanish. If you want to fulfill the wish of the letter writer, you “accept” his letter, fulfill the requests and send your package to the USPS to be sent anonymously – after all, it is from Santa.

Operation Santa can become quite popular, so if the letters run out, see if your city is arranging a similar fulfillment for families in need. Your local newspaper might be a good place to check.

However, there is no better request and no better way to donate. Whether you are helping your child put on a new winter coat or helping him feel festive, you will be of great benefit.


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