Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests by Searching OkCupid by Keyword

Swiping on a dating app can be addictive and satisfying, but it’s also based on instant judgments, which aren’t necessarily what makes the relationship work – you know shared interests and shared worldview?

Yes, it’s a balance. You want, ideally, to find someone who is passionate and in love with the works of Margaret Atwood. But maybe loving Margaret Atwood will make someone seem really hot to you.

To this end, OkCupid launched OkCupid Discovery , which allows you to search for profiles by interest. OkCupid is already pretty anti-judgmental, giving users the ability to populate their profiles with dozens and dozens of questions, but now you can also search for users who are interested in the same questions as you.

As the OkCupid blog says,

Yes, you are beautiful, but that’s not it. The point is, you love your mom (over 100k profiles mention “my mom”) and you saved money by working as a barista (9k) to travel (1million) to Machu Picchu (2k) on a trip, where you read “The Complete Short” Stories by Ernest Hemingway “(17).

You are really beautiful. OkCupid Discover is now available on the desktop and in test mode in the OkCupid app.


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