Gifts to Help Kids Burn Energy When They Are Stuck Indoors

I once experienced the joy of being largely sedentary during the winter months. Hygge was my jam. Now is the time to wear all fleece and snuggle up against the book in that constant dimple on the couch.

And then my child was born. Dude, the kids don’t really understand that this is the season for long silent reading. Their bodies need to move – be it rain, sleet, or snow to hell. Getting stuck indoors can be tricky. Everyone gets restless and fidgety, and you can play Simon says run in place for three minutes so many times.

Luckily, we’ve found some fun gifts to help kids burn energy in the house when the weather is really awful. These items may even bring what their parents dreamed of: a nap gift.

Estimated by FluidStance

Balance boards are all the rage among people who work at standing desks in cool offices. By filling out this Google Spreadsheet, you might imagine snowboarding downhill in Park City. FluidStance has scientific evidence that movement is good for you too – their popular whiteboards claim to increase your heart rate, expand your range of motion and use up your energy when you work on your daily tasks.

Children also need to expend a lot of energy, which is why FluidStance created a board especially for them. Grade by FluidStance , which looks like a skateboard without wheels, is designed for kids to stand on while watching TV, playing video games, eating breakfast or doing their homework – basically any time their brain needs to focus and their bodies – move. The board is made from recycled milk jugs and tires for added durability. It allows them to wiggle, sway and curl in a smooth – and superbly quiet – motion.

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Moluk Bilibo

Once in the local children’s play area, despite the fact that there were huge slides, ball pits and even a row of iPads in sight, I noticed that all the toddlers were drawn to these colorful helmet-like devices. What the hell are they? Whoever the kids want to see them! They can sit in them and twirl, wobble back and forth, or watch how far they can bend to the side before falling to the ground and giggling. They are versatile, stackable and virtually indestructible.

Climbing bindings

Got a kid all the time trying to climb onto the couch, railings and shelves? First tell her, “The furniture is not for climbing.” And then say: “And this WALL FOR ALZING!” Turn any wall in your home into a burning energy climbing wall with a variety of climbing supports. Airplanes from Squirrel Products are made of durable plastic and are large enough for novice climbers to grip comfortably. (While you shouldn’t have any Cliffhanger -style drops, if you secure the hooks at a reasonable height, feel free to add an airbag for good measure.) With enough practice, your child should be able to tackle a wall of famelike this diaper. dressed baby .

Balance bar IKEA

This simple balancer, which IKEA calls the balancer, is a great addition to the playroom if you have space. Children can jump over it, sit on it, slide under it and balance on it. You can also slide it up against the hallway wall so that young children have a place to sit when putting on their shoes. It is of high quality, cute and affordable.

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Gonge hilltops

Walking on a flat surface can be so exhausting. With these rubber stones, which can be lifted and positioned in any position, children can pretend to be lost boys jumping across the lake. Or make your own obstacle course. Or play the best game The Ground is Lava. Or sit on them and consider the meaning of life. It really is their business.


Growing up, my cousin had a chin-up rack in his bedroom doorway, and he ended up getting a navy scholarship that paid for all of his college tuition. Coincidence? I’m not sure. (But probably yes, coincidence.) However, the pull-up bar doesn’t take up much space, and your little hanging monkeys will use it.


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