Get IPhone X Cheap at Apple’s Best Buy Sales Event

There is nothing better than the eternal excuse “It’s the holidays!” pamper yourself with a new fashionable toy. And with the 1,000-dollar iPhone X in vogue this gift season (if you can get one), you can also save a few dollars on it before packing your gift. At Best Buy until Saturday, December 9th, you can save up on Apple products and accessories. Here’s how you can save that holiday money while treating yourself to a gift like a new iPhone, Mac, or add-ons for devices you already own. its.

Use your old iPhone to save money on the iPhone X

Aside from the weird notch, you know you want an iPhone X. Best Buy knows that too, so you can get a gift card worth up to $ 250 if you go to your nearest store and exchange your current smartphone for an iPhone. X. You can find out how much you will get from the exchange before you decide to ditch your old device. Sure, this is more of a gift card than a discount on the device itself, but once you realize that you most likely want to purchase a wireless charging mat , several AirPods and a case for your fancy phone , you can rejoice that you have a bonus in store that you can spend.

If you’re not having trouble switching carriers to save on the iPhone X, Sprint is also offering a face-scan smartphone swap deal. You can save $ 300 if you both swap with your eligible smartphone and sign up for the Sprint Flex Lease program. The leasing program allows you to upgrade your device after making payments for a period of at least 12 months, after which you have the opportunity to immediately purchase the phone. This means the iPhone X will end up costing you $ 699, so if you want to leave ship and get your new phone in 2018, now is the time to do so.

Think save on iPhone 8 too

Oh yeah. The iPhone 8 also exists. You can save $ 200 on an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus when you buy and activate one with a monthly installment plan, or get two eights (or 8 plus) for the price of one when you buy them through AT&T (note: one of the two phones must be activated on the new lines).

Avoid the noise and take your iPhone 6s

Save that headphone jack and buy a cheap iPhone 6s if you just need something to replace your old, battered and bruised smartphone. You will save $ 150 and pay only $ 9.99 per month for the device. It sounds like stealing to me.

Get discounts on select less expensive Apple products

There are other Apple products out there, which means there are different discounts available at the Best Buys Apple Sale Event. You can save up to $ 150 on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, depending on the model you choose, up to $ 125 on the 128GB iPad mini 4, and up to $ 200 (depending on model) on a new MacBook or new iMac . There are also several discounts on Beats by Dr. Dre , and a $ 5 off Apple Pencil (just enough savings to get the much-needed clip-on tip ).


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