Forget Justin Timberlake’s Braspberry, Strawbraspberry Instead

Justin Timberlake made headlines this week with his fruity breakout , blueberries tucked into raspberries, which he calls Braspberry.

“Is it a coincidence that blueberries pair perfectly with raspberries? I think not, ”Timberlake said in his Instagram post, showcasing fruit creation.

I would like to congratulate Timberlake on the creation, I humbly suggest one more: meet the strawberries.

I cooked strawberries last September for a brunch when I was presented with a fruit plate for brunch. While my creation has definitely not become that popular, I claim that it tastes even better. Strawberries are the perfect vessel for raspberries and raspberries are the perfect vessel for blueberries.

You have to cut the edges of the strawberries a bit for this to happen (mine was pre-sliced ​​at the restaurant I was in), but this combination is a reliable fruit win. You also remove the stem from the cut strawberries, so you can eat these three in one bite.

Do it. Or try the below par version of Timberlake. You will not be disappointed.

As for when to enjoy such creations, the possibilities are pretty endless. Strawberries can be a delicious party dish or a unique way to decorate a fruit cocktail. S trawbraspberry dipped in a chocolate fountain? There is nothing better than this.


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