All Hotel Guests Should Behave Like These Fuzzies

Furries – people who dress like cartoon animals and have less sex than you think – know the rest of society finds them odd. In public, they often react to this very carefully and politely . For example, according to the photographer and fluffy RykerHusky , furry group at the recent Midwest FurFest festival left its cleaners a good tip and thank-you letters . (Warning: RykerHusky’s Twitter feed does as much sex as you think.)

Whenever you are part of a large group staying at a hotel, such as a convention or festival, know that the staff work very hard and probably don’t get paid extra. Be polite, tip a good tip and thank them. (Good advice is no reason to act like an asshole.) Even when you’re not dressed as a fake Sly Coyote.


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