How Should We Look at Our Christmas Goose?

Great news for everyone: I ordered us a Christmas goose for the sous video. This means that you will not help me choose what we will shoot for Christmas, but you can help determine how we will shoot it.

I have never cooked a goose before, but I know that it is very fatty. I don’t mind the oily waterfowl, but I think skin incision is key here to help remove all that wonderful goose blubber. I guess I’ll approach it the same way I would a turkey and separate the dark meat from the light meat, but maybe a roll would be a fun project. We can also completely remove the skins, make them quality, and make goose bumps. Then there is the question of seasoning. Will we keep it classic with the usual bird herbs, or try some of the Chinese five spices? There are many decisions to be made here, and we only have one chance, so let’s figure it out together in the comments.


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