Amazon Prime Members May Get Early Watching for Jumanji Movie

Amazon Prime is a gift that never stops giving. Free fast delivery, streaming videos, Kindle Lending Library – it’s like Jeff Bezos trying to make us totally dependent on his company! Ha! Well, add another benefit to the list: access to early viewing of the new Jumanji movie.

The new Jumanji movie stars Rock and Karen Gillan, high school students, who are transported into the jungle world of a dangerous video game and transform into Rock and Karen Gillan as soon as they get there.

Prime members can buy up to ten tickets each for the Jumanji screenings on December 8, which will take place in over a thousand cinemas across the country, almost two weeks before the film’s release. Visit to buy tickets and more.

Amazon Prime Latest Bonus – Jumanji Early Show | Engadget


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