Let Prince Harry Teach You How to Cook Super Crispy Bacon

As if Prince Harry didn’t do enough this week, inundating our timeliness with good news and lifting Meghan Markle out of the who category. a real black princess (I know she will be a duchess, don’t @ me), he also gave us a trick for making very crispy bacon.

His Highness apparently learned the trick at Disneyland – his love of America’s beauty was deeply ingrained – and when he was just eight years old, he returned to Buckingham Palace and insisted that the royal chef cook his bacon in the same way. …

Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady told Food & Wine :

Prince Harry told me, “We’ve had it in America, at Disney World, and it’s so crunchy you can snap it. First you need to fry it, then put it in paper towels and put it in the microwave for a minute. ” And I thought, yeah, okay, thanks, you little asshole who taught me how to cook. But as soon as he left, I tried it and got amazing crispy bacon.

And since then, McGrady has cooked bacon like that.

While microwaving bacon is nothing new, Prince Harry’s trick of cooking it first means that most of the bacon fat is cooked before it goes into the microwave, saving you a mess (and a bunch of paper towels).

Prince Harry loves his special cooked bacon | Food and wine


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