Donate Extra OpenTable Points to Feed Hungry Kids

For some reason, I’m always the person in our group who reservations for dinner. I hate queuing, so whenever my group of friends invites all of us to go to lunch, I usually volunteer to book a table, most often through OpenTable, where I earn 100 points for most of these reservations.

When you reach 2,000 points, OpenTable will give you a $ 20 credit for dining out. If you’re not quite there yet, or even if you are, OpenTable allows you to donate those points to the No Kid Hungry campaign this holiday season instead of using them for yourself.

OpenTable claims that just 100 OpenTable points are enough to provide a child in need with five healthy meals. So, instead of getting $ 20 off that night, you can use your 2,000 points to provide 100 meals for a child in need. It doesn’t seem to be difficult, especially if you’re below that 2000 threshold and don’t expect to get there anytime soon (or ever).

Donations can only be made until next Monday (December 11). To donate, visit your profile page on the OpenTable website (this does not work in the app) and select “Donate My Points” at the top of the page.

You will then go to Google Doc and fill out your account information and how many points you want to donate to the Share Our Strengths Campaign for No Hungry Children. OpenTable also matches donations of up to 100,000, so you can actually secure 200 dinners with that 2,000 points donation.


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