What Are the Best Gifts Packaged Well?

Giving gifts that make your loved one’s face glow is always nice, but when traveling during the holiday season, it can be difficult to pack gifts that won’t break, add weight to your luggage, or are too bulky. Have you traveled successfully with gifts? Which ones worked well?

Of course, there are always intangible gifts like subscription services or digital gift cards, but if anyone wants to go with tangible things, there are certain gifts that will travel better than others. What gifts are there in the suitcase?

In addition to the gifts themselves, it is worth considering how you will wrap them. The TSA may ask you to unwrap the packaging so you can check with the host about gift wrap supplies, schedule purchase when you arrive at your destination, or pack flattened bags and tissue paper.

Do you have recommendations for gifts that will survive a plane or car flight? Strategies that work well for packing them after airport security? Share in the discussion below and indicate what kind of gift it is, where other readers can find it, and why it is well-packaged.


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