You Can Now Run Microsoft Office Applications on Your Chromebook

Chrome OS: Chromebook users looking for an alternative to Google’s editing suite can now turn to Microsoft Office, which is finally available on Chromebooks. A suite of office apps – Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook – was available on macOS, iOS, and Android devices, but the Chromebook hasn’t been used so far. However, depending on your device, it could cost you a few dollars for what most will find essential features.

You will need a compatible Chromebook

The availability of Office on Chromebooks is very helpful, especially considering how popular low-cost laptops are in the education and business markets. However, not every Chromebook supports Microsoft Office.

Since these are Android apps, you will need a Chromebook that can download apps from the Google Play Store. Google maintains a list of Chromebooks eligible for the Play Store, so check if your model is listed . Recently released Chromebooks like the Google Pixelbook support these apps, according to Chrome Unboxed , which found them available.

Large Chromebooks require a subscription

According to Microsoft, devices with screens larger than 10.1 inches require an Office 365 subscription (starting at $ 6.99 per month ) to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations. Of course, no subscription is required for the office applications Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Of course, you get more than just access to the authoring and editing features in Office. The subscription includes 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage as well as desktop versions of Microsoft Office Suite. But who wants to pay a monthly editing fee for certain documents?


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