Coconut Oil Is Your Secret Weapon for Better Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are – in a sense – the simplest cookies, but they are also some of the most difficult to run flawlessly. The main thing is to find the perfect balance between beautiful and tasty. According to the patron saint of all baked goods, Stella Parks, coconut oil can help you with that.

Click the link below for the complete Parks recipe in all its glory, but adding coconut oil to the dough along with regular butter, flour, and sugar helps in the following way:

  • Your cookies will taste richer. Butter contains water and the addition of coconut oil increases the fat content, giving them more flavor.
  • Your cookies will last longer. In terms of fat content, less water means a longer shelf life, which is extremely beneficial if you’re planning to ship a packet of cookies this season.
  • Your cookies will look better. Coconut oil makes the dough paler and less brown, which means a more natural looking snowman and a brighter colored dough.

If you’re worried about your cookie tasting like coconut, don’t worry. Try refined coconut oil, which tastes neutral rather than tropical.

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