What Should We Bake Next?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Will It Casserole , a column where we see what dishes, dishes and cuisines can be reimagined and turned into casseroles.

Our latest Thanksgiving-inspired hippopotamus was pretty enjoyable, but I’m ready to leave this holiday behind and move on. Some ideas I had:

  • Pie Casserole: A simple layered pie with different flavors and crunchy toppings.
  • Italian casserole: I imagine a lot of crispy jerky, a little provolone, good bread, and drizzling vinegar.
  • Hamburger Casserole: I’m not talking about the hamburger mate – I’m talking about a combination of beef, cheese, bacon, onions, and toasted diced sesame seed buns. And you can bet your buns will be topped with diced pickles.
  • Food Court Casserole : This will feature all of the food court classics – cheesy pizza, sweet and sour chicken, and possibly a steak sandwich.

Of course, feel free to leave your brilliant ideas. I am open to roasting anything and everything, if it is no longer related to turkey.


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