What Is the Worst Office Jargon You’ve Heard at Work?

A recent article in The Guardian lamented the proliferation of meaningless middle management jargon in the modern workplace. From “imagination” to “stretching,” from “low hanging fruit” to “view from 30,000 feet,” there seems to be no escape from the raging flood of office space – the nonsense that has replaced simple communication in the workplace.

This Monday after Thanksgiving, on a day when it seems especially brutal that we have to get up and put on inelastic pants, we want to know that pointless office speech is thriving, toxic as mildew, in your place of work. Do you come up with ideas and come up with words? Do you answer questions and touch on the base? Have you been on board? Would you rather be expelled (possibly nothing)?

Before you dive so deep that you drown, release some of your thinking ability and tell us the most offensive terms, words and phrases that you have been exposed to lately.

For starters, while researching this post, I came across the phrase “open the kimono” being used as a particularly disgusting way of referring to “reveal information.” Okay, I’ll go – it’s your turn.


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