Tell Us Your Best Toronto Tips

Toronto was the first big city I have ever visited. Compared to my hometown of Rochester, Toronto was mostly Tokyo. I liked the pressure of the crowd, the variety of shops. I crossed the streets for fun, just to feel carried away. I bought surplus army coats that didn’t fit me just to feel like part of a thrift store unlike anything I’ve seen at home. This diverse city of 2.7 million, the largest in Canada, still maintains a camaraderie in a small town sandwiched between a similarly sized Chicago and frankly too massive New York.

Residents of Toronto, what advice do you have to come here or live here? What’s the trick with your subways? How are you getting through the winter? What are the best places to eat, drink and shop? What is the best cuisine for Toronto? What museums are overlooked? What’s so strange about local laws? What should everyone do once they have moved here? What’s so great about the suburbs? Have you ever told a disappointed tourist that Niagara Falls is two hours away?

Comment below and I’ll post the best tips this Thursday. (And hello Houston, TX residents, there is still time to send your advice here from Houston .)


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