How to Join Someone’s Instagram Live and Stream As a Guest

Instagram Live doesn’t have to be a one-way street. If clicking the heart button isn’t enough, if commenting doesn’t satisfy your need for interaction, you can now join the stream yourself.

Inviting a guest for screen sharing is not new, but it used to be at the discretion of the broadcaster. The live stream still controls who can join the stream, but as TechCruch reports , viewers of the live stream can now request to join.

TechCrunch points out the usefulness:

Imagine a celebrity “answering calls” from fans. With the ability to see all pending requests, the organizer can randomly select a fan to join them live, or even selectively select whoever just left an insightful comment in the chat.

Now when you watch a live stream on Instagram, you will see an option nested in the live comments to request to join the live stream. (If you don’t see it, scroll to the top of the comments.) If you click “Request,” Instagram will ask you to confirm the request, reminding you, “Anyone can watch, and some of your followers may receive a notification.” After you submit the request, the streamer will be able to accept or reject the request.

On the streamer side, you will see requests to join your stream in the notification stream. Click View to decide if you want to add a guest or deny their request. And you can still invite any viewer to join you – this is a two-way street of live broadcasts.

You can now ask to join someone’s live stream on Instagram | TechCrunch


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