Keep a Cutting Board in the Bathroom to Balance Out Small Countertops

Think cutting boards are a place in the kitchen? Expand your horizons! And expand your bathroom! By putting a cutting board in the bathroom.

This trick comes from apartment therapy : hide the cutting board in your bathroom – in the unusable space between the sink and the tub, next to the dresser, or behind the toilet if you keep everything clean and when you need more space than your tiny one sink on a pedestal, balance the board over the sink.

Instead of carefully balancing your cosmetic bag on the edge of the sink, you can securely hold a cutting board over the sink – even leaving the tap free to use – and spank your stuff over it. (A plastic cutting board is best, as it is less likely to slip than a wooden one.) Take the oven mitt from the kitchen as well.

Why is there a cutting board in a small bathroom | Apartment therapy


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