Caution: If Someone Blocks You on Twitter, You Will Lose Your DM History With Them

The Twitter block is a powerful tool. While mute is a subtle cleaning of your timeline – the person you mute never knows, although you have to wonder how many people might have mute you? – blocking is Twitter’s carpet bomb.

When you block someone:

  • They cannot see your tweets. You cannot see them.
  • You are unsubscribing from each other.
  • If they try to see your profile, they’ll see that you’ve blocked them.
  • They cannot write to you in DM.

To learn about the implications,here’s a Twitter guide . Right now, I want to focus on the DM issue. Because recently my attention was attracted by:

Blocks happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone was insulting. Perhaps the mute was not strong enough and you wanted to completely protect your timeline from anyone else’s presence. Or maybe you got into a fight on Twitter – in public or in your account – and one of you gets tired and pulls the trigger. If this happens, it is helpful to know that the entire DM history before the lock will be deleted. Be careful: take screenshots, save receipts.


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