Use This Alexa Skill to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Pickle

If you’re on a turkey hook and are nervous this Thanksgiving , Amazon can help you. The same company that will happily sell you turkey online can also teach you how to cook thanks to Morton Salt’s new Alexa skill .

According to the salt seller, Morton Brine Time is the first brine voice assistant (we have no doubt about that). If you are not familiar with brine , this is the process of soaking the turkey in salted water (plus some other seasonings) before cooking it so it retains moisture and comes out of the oven more juicy. It might not sound like you need an AI assistant to help you, but here we are.

In all fairness, Morton has added a few extra features that might come in handy if you’re particularly uncomfortable in the kitchen. First, you can tell Alexa how big your turkey is and the AI ​​will do the math for you to get you the right ingredient ratio. Brine Time also promises step-by-step instructions if you really need someone (or some kind of robotic voice) to hold your hand in the process.

However, there is a better use for the Amazon Echo if you’re going to spend some time in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving. Use it to listen to music, radio or audiobooks to pass the time. You can even play an audio game of your choice while you cook. Or you can turn your voice-controlled AI speaker into a manual – we won’t judge.


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