Gift Books for Children That Will Be Appreciated by the Whole Family

Books as children’s gifts can be lucky or missing – while parents may be delighted if the title is not on the child’s wishlist, the gift may be greeted with polite disappointment (“Oh, how … sweet “), Or if he is up to four years old – awild annoyance (” Books for Christmas ?! “) . This is a kind of ragweed salad given to children.

But not these. We found five gift books that you definitely need to open with dizzying excitement, spread around the room and post with enthusiasm on Instagram. There is something here for young travelers of all ages.

For babies

What does the child want? offered by Tupera Tupera

The infant in this book cannot be pacified by the radiant frivolity of the world, including his tambourine, ball, or even his teddy bear. No, this baby only wants one thing. ( Pssssss … these are boobies. )

Watch the video:

For toddlers and preschoolers

Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book by Donald Lemke, illustrated by Bob Lenz

The beards are funny. They are funny about little children. Here is their whole book that kids can try on. Try not to photograph the young Dexter looking like a grubby lumberjack. You cannot do this. It’s impossible.

For younger students (and above)

Disney * Pixar: Pop Up Celebration , Matthew Reinhart

For Disney and Pixar fans, this new book by Popup Wizard Matthew Reinhart is a must-have for the collection. Watch scenes from Monsters, Inc., Toy Story , Cars, and Finding Nemo come to life in impressive detail. Look closely for Easter eggs for other Disney-Pixar movies.

For middle school students (and above)

This Book is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions by Kelly Anderson

As the title says, this book is a planetarium – a real working planetarium projecting the constellations. So neat, right? And that’s even more. There is a built-in speaker (place your phone in a megaphone-like structure to amplify the sound), a spiral graph, a message decoder, a geometric pattern generator, an endless calendar, and a musical instrument with strings all taken apart. paper. Creator Kelly Anderson writes that he hopes readers will find the book an “interactive field guide to the unseen,” allowing them to play with aspects of our world that are usually abstractions, such as light, sound, time and space.

Pop Up Shakespeare: Every Play and Poem in Pop Up 3D by The Reduced Shakespeare Co., Austin Tyhenor & Reed Martin (author), Illustrated by Jenny Meisels

If Shakespeare seems a little intimidating, this pop-up book is sure to make him less intimidating. Filled with caricatured illustrations and fun modern looks, it gives readers, old and new, the opportunity to appreciate classics – violent deaths, made-up words and all.


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