Everywhere You Need to Change Your Address When Moving

Most of us know that you can change your address in the United States Postal Service by visiting the USPS website , but this only applies to mail arriving through the USPS.

Since I am moving from Seattle, Washington to Cedar Rapids, Idaho, I recently contacted many organizations to convey my new information. Here are all the other places you will need to change your address when you move.

Banks and bills

Banks: My bank is online only, but the fact that it does not have regular branches does not mean that I do not need to inform them that my physical location has changed. No matter where you are at the bank, you will want to inform them of your new address and possibly order new checks.

Invoices: If you completed the USPS Change of Address Form, your paper invoices should automatically be mailed to your new address within six months. But you still have to go online and change your address on any service that sends you an invoice. Depending on where you move, you may want to change some of these services, especially your telephone or Internet service providers.

Credit Cards: Credit card companies also need to know your new address – and since we’re talking about that, it might be worth considering whether or not you should ditch some of the airline’s credit cards. Find out which airlines serve the major airport closest to your new address and apply for and / or cancel airline reward cards. (Or you can just get Chase Sapphire Preferred, which gives you travel points no matter which airline you fly.)

Wheels and fenders

DMV: You will probably remember to contact the DMV if you move to another state, but you may forget to do so if you move to a different home in the same state. If you’re lucky, you can do it online without having to personally visit the DMV.

Voter Re

Global Entry / Nexus / TSA Pre ✓ : If you want to not take off your shoes when passing the security services at the airport? Visit the U.S. Department of Transportation and find out how to update your address.


Health Insurance: If you have health insurance, tell them your new address. If you are in a plan under the Affordable Care Act and move to a new state, you must update both your address and your insurance. Don’t worry if you are outside the open check-in period because a move is considered a qualifying event, but keep in mind that you will not be able to renew your health insurance until you move and you may need short-term insurance. to cover the gap before the new coverage begins.

Renter insurance: If you rent, you must have renter insurance, and if you move, you should renew your insurance policy and / or switch to a new provider. It’s the same with homeowner’s insurance.

Other insurance: If you have other insurance policies, they will also need to know your change of address.

Online orders

Amazon: You don’t want to be the one who opens your new bookshelf in your old apartment with one click.

Other Online Stores: If you have accounts with additional online stores, check to see if you need to update your address with any of them.

Crowdfunding sites: are you using Kickstarter, Patreon, GoFundMe, or IndieGoGo? These sites need to know your new address, especially if you are receiving physical rewards from the creators. (Yes, most Kickstarter creators send this email asking to verify / update their address before they send you rewards, but it’s still worth updating your address on Kickstarter as well.)

Subscription Sites: If you subscribe to magazines, lunch sets, or Book / Bacon / Beer of the Month clubs, you will need to tell them where to submit your submissions. (It’s the same with prescriptions if you’ve mailed them home – and you may have to change where you get the prescriptions if you receive them that way.)


WHOIS: If you have a domain name, you need to update your WHOIS.

Mailing Lists: If you have a TinyLetter or another mailing list, you also need to update your address with these services – if you want to remain CAN-SPAM compliant.

Invoices: If you are sending invoices, make sure your customers know where to send checks.

PayPal: Cash may come online, but you still need to update your physical address.

Vote for the vote

Remember to update your voter registration so that a new polling place is ready on Election Day.

If you have additional suggestions for changing the address that I did not take into account, please add them in the comments.


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