Prepare a Checklist to Make Guests Feel at Home

You put fresh sheets on your guest bed, or inflated an air mattress, and you hung extra towels in the bathroom. You tidied up and stocked up on coffee and snacks. Is everything ready for guests? Nearly.

One of the most stressful things about being in someone else’s home is simply not knowing how things work. With or without shoes? Where the hell are the paper towels? Is there something finicky about hot water? (I once made a neighbor’s friend show up late for work when it took me half an hour to figure out how to use their shower.) Hosting does its best to ease those worries.

Apartment Therapy has a good basic checklist of things to tell your guests so that they not only have a place to sleep, but they also feel at home and comfortable the entire time they are under your roof. …

  1. Wi-Fi network and password.
  2. Where is the excess toilet paper and plunger. (Or just pull out the plunger.)
  3. What kind of toiletries can they use.
  4. Where are the sockets in the guest room.
  5. How to lock up if they come home without you.
  6. Any quirks in your home. (Tricky light switches, automatic door locks, hot / cold tap water reverses, or weird noises they might hear at night.)

Now go and take it!

6 Things Everyone Forgets to Tell Their Guests | Apartment therapy


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