How to Cook Well in an Airbnb Kitchen

One of the big benefits of staying with Airbnb instead of a hotel is the kitchen. If you enjoy cooking, being able to cook away from home can be a great way to experience the culture of the city or just save money.

On the other hand, many Airbnb, while listed as full apartments, are actually very small. (Omg, Europe, what’s going on.) And even if the kitchen isn’t tiny, there are plenty of surprises and surprises that could get in the way of your culinary plans. For more fun cooking on Airbnb, follow this guide from GQ . The essence:

Choose a suitable rental option. Is there a stove and oven? If it’s summer, is there a grill? (If you will be cooking indoors in warm weather, is there air conditioning? Where will everyone sit after cooking? Take a close look at the list and photos, and feel free to email the host with any questions.

Check with the host in advance. Tell the landlord what you plan to cook – he can restock food in the pantry or inform that the gas has been turned off for a month. Or, if there is a shared kitchen that you are promised to use, a warning can be critical to make sure all four people are not trying to use the oven at the same time. Your host can also tell you about local markets and grocery stores.

When you get there, evaluate what you have. After registration, go through the kitchen. Check staples and utensils and look for essentials that you don’t want to be found missing after half a meal. (Corkscrew, salt, and dish soap are my Big Three.) Write down whatever you need and take it on your way home after your day’s adventures.

Explore local markets. This is a great way to get to know a new town or village, whether it’s a butcher’s, an open-air market, or four stalls stocked with food from nearby farms. If you come across an ingredient that is new to you, you can also ask how to prepare it.

Shop at mega stores too. There is a lot of local flavor and authenticity to be found in the supermarket, especially in a foreign country. (Stock up on crazy flavors of potato chips while you do it!) You can also save money by buying staples here rather than the little boutiques.

Buy in advance sometimes. If you have dietary restrictions, you can pack gluten-free pasta or whatever you need in case you can’t find it where you’re going. Whether it’s a convenient meal that you won’t find, or an essential ingredient for a large meal you’ve planned, if it can stand the trip, there is no shame in taking it with you.

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