Visual Update of Google Maps Makes It Easier to Find Public Transport

Google is releasing an update to its Maps app , giving it a refreshed visual style, more easily recognizable markers and contextual information. Whether you’re prone to getting disoriented when using public transit, or getting frustrated with finding a gas station while traveling, the update makes it easier to understand where you’re going, what’s around you, and where you’ll end up if you missed your station.

The most important update for Google Maps is the presentation of information. The app will show you the relevant information depending on your mode of transport. Finding public transit routes now puts train stations, bus stops, and metro routes in the foreground and center, and using Google Maps to search for driving directions will display relevant landmarks such as gas stations as well as traffic information. If you are like me, you will find highlighting relevant information more than helpful in figuring out how you will get home after missing a train transfer (I took a taxi).

The updated Google Maps color scheme and the addition of more icons make it easier to point out specific points of interest and quickly pinpoint your next potential destination without getting close to your location. The colors themselves are not very different from each other, so it can take some getting used to to intuitively understand which shade of blue indicates a mall and which is actually a train station. However, more detailed categorization and clearer iconography should make it easier to determine how close your doctor’s office is to the nearest diving cafĂ© / bar.

You can expect the visual update to roll out to your Google Maps app via a software update, while services based on the Google Maps APIs (like Android Auto, Google Search, and Google Assistant) will receive an update over the next few weeks. according to google.


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