Transform Your Moto Z Into a Polaroid Camera With This New Accessory

Smartphones have made it incredibly easy to capture any moment with a photograph , but as a result, we are all buried in so many digital photographs that each one seems less special. Polaroid has a solution that ditches its iconic instant cameras, but only if you have the right smartphone close at hand.

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer is a new accessory for the Moto Z , Motorola’s flagship series, that works with a variety of plug-in gadgets called Moto Mods. Here’s what you need to know about your new device.

How it works

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer connects to your Moto Z phone like all other Moto mods; with a powerful built-in magnet. After turning on the mod, you can easily transfer data and power between the two devices. Other accessories have added louder speakers and a powerful camera, but this time it’s a photo printer.

In fact, printing photos with the Polaroid Moto Mod looks pretty straightforward. You can take a photo as usual on your phone and then quickly print it or add additional filters, borders and text first. You can also use images from other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. After you’ve printed your photo, you can remove the glue to turn it into a sticker.

The Insta-Share printer uses the same Polaroid ZINK paper as other instant cameras. This paper is easy to find and is water resistant and slick, and costs $ 14 for 30 photos onAmazon . However, the actual camera attachment is not cheap.

Price and release date

The new Polaroid gadget costs a whopping $ 200. It’s actually pretty standard on a Moto Mod, but a lot more expensive than other standalone cameras. The Verge notes that you can buy the Polaroid OneStep 2 for as little as $ 99.

The Insta-Share printer is also not very lightweight, so it won’t save a ton of space in your bag or pocket compared to a regular camera. The only real reason to buy this Moto Mod is if you’ve already sold the Moto Z. If so, you can pre-order the device right now from Motorola and it should arrive by the end of November.


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