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When we asked Lifehacker readers for advice on visiting or living in Washington DC , we received nearly 300 comments, a new record for Hack Your City Series. Here are the best tips on where to drink, where to eat and where … to make a verb for museums.

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Most frequently repeated tips:

  • Like New York and San Francisco, DC is a big city on public transport, and its trains often run deep underground, so it’s a big city with escalators too. People are busy. So stand on the right, go left.
  • If you call the Congressional Representative’s office in advance, they may invite you on a tour of the Capitol Building.
  • Skip Georgetown (although it has defenders) and try Alexandria’s Old Town. Instead of Georgetown Cupcake, try Red Velvet, Sprinkles, or Baked and Wired.
  • Come in the off season; all popular spots are crowded (and humid) in summer.
  • Rush hour lasts all day, so get to where you want to be in the afternoon and then stick to one spot.
  • Choose from a variety of bike rental programs. Capital Bike Share is $ 2 per ride, says Dudley Spellington . Trip Hacks DC recommends downloading the CBS app to save time.
  • See monuments at night when they are beautifully illuminated. “The WWII memorial is especially beautiful at night, and the Korean memorial feels real at night, as if you are walking with soldiers,” says Monicanaples .


And a warning from the dailybugle :

Remember DC is divided into 4 quadrants. This results in LOTS of duplicate addresses, so make sure you’re heading northwest, northeast, southwest, or southeast. “

Some popular federal agencies are bogged down in tight security. Ridley90 has a shortcut:

The capital and the Library of Congress are connected by a pedestrian tunnel. If you have already passed security in one, you can bypass the long security line in the other by walking through the tunnel.


  • “The Petworth Citizen and Reading Room is a bar that has a public library.” – llaalleell
  • “Stay off the record at the Hay Adams Hotel. Wonderful little bar in the basement where you will definitely meet some of the news. ” – windupbird81
  • “The best bar in town is definitely Black Cat. But this is only for normal people. If you are a pretentious bully who only drinks craft cocktails, this is not the place for you. ” – pravan1066
  • “Dirty habit: the bar at the Hotel Monaco is exceptional. The food is good, if not a bit shocking. But you are really there, because the entire central courtyard of the building is part of the bar. A great place to relax with friends in the fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. ” – hokifez
  • “If you love beer at all, be sure to visit Cherchki. One of the best draft beer bars in America. If you’re lucky, you may find beer made in VA / MD that is not sold in stores (Aslin, Veil, Burley Oak, etc.). ” – danielahn31
  • “Dan’s Cafe is the only bar you need to visit in Adams Morgan.” – Scrumdidliumptious
  • “Adams Morgan is a college dive bar district, although there are some good rooftop bars and whiskey snacks (Jack Rose and Bourbon).” – BeGood
  • Wonderland Ballroom: Favorite local dive bar. Gibson: Speakeasy for signature cocktails. H St Country Club: bar with mini golf upstairs. Jackpot: A bar in the basement with an amazing selection of craft beers. ” – GotThemHacks
  • “The best bar on Capitol Hill is the Tune Inn.” – a very funny story


  • The Champagne Brunch at Freddie’s Beach Bar (gay bar) has been voted one of the best in the country. Make reservations, trust me. ” – automatic door
  • “Le Diplomate is good food and if you can book a table then it’s worth the food and people watching. Red Hen is also very, very good food and great service. ” – FacePalmHeadache
  • Maketto on H St. “This is a coffee shop / restaurant / heaven on earth, where you can do yoga for free on Sundays on the roof when it’s good.” – imissdc
  • “Drop by the Ambar restaurant! For $ 50 per person, that’s all you can eat / all you can drink. Make a reservation as the seating area is small but everything we tried was amazing! Also, perhaps don’t take “all you can drink” as literally as I do. Six old-fashioned ones in 2 hours was such a delightful mistake. ” – checker
  • “The Spanish restaurant Jaleo – the one next to the National Portrait Gallery – is simply impressive.” – bookstore
  • “Eat the national food. All this. Any of this. On the cheap. Tyler Cowan’s Handbook of Ethnic Dishes is a good resource. ” – imissdc


  • “Taste food at the Native American Museum. When I arrived, everything was based on local cuisine, which surpasses Burger King by a mile. ” – Mister fearless
  • “I would say the Building Museum and Newsseum, maybe the National Museum of Women in the Arts and NatGeo, if there are good exhibits.” – llaalleell
  • “Don’t forget about the portrait gallery itself. One of my favorite museums. Half portrait gallery, half American Museum of Art. It is really impressive and is never very busy as it is located outside the shopping center. ” – ent_whisperer
  • “The Spy Museum is definitely a great place for a family vacation. There are many exhibits and other interesting things for both parents and for the entertainment of children. And he has a great store. ” – classic-classic
  • And one more warning: “The security in museums was stricter than at the airport – I completely forgot about the ninja wallet tool I had with me, and I was asked to get rid of it before I was allowed back – that was with me through Dublin. airport no problem. Eat before going to the mall – food in museums is ridiculously expensive compared to regular dining. ” – Detritus

And more:

Several lists of the greatest hits:

Top music venues from Seanballard :

For house and techno fans, Flash is a truly top-notch experience with top-notch speakers, visuals and culture. U St Music Hall is best suited for heavy bass Dubby shows. Soundcheck brings together good artists, but the culture is bad and sometimes the speakers aren’t the best, just like other great bars. And 18th St. Bar is my favorite restaurant in Washington with several rooms with different themes and cool music.

Best view from Stulgs :

My favorite is the view from the POV at the W Hotel in Washington. You are mainly at the “top” of the White House, and you also have a wonderful view of the monument. Sure, a bottle of beer costs $ 12, but I think the view is worth it.

Best way to have a minibar drink from DL Thurston :

Minibar Hacking: My wife and I made a couple of soft drinks because none of us were winemakers. Towards the end of the meal, people bent over trying to figure out what we were eating, because while the wine drinkers were taking the tenth sip of another wine, we were getting these strange and inventive little drinks that really matched the sensation of the drink. the place is better. Plus it’s cheaper, but that’s not a reason to do that.

Best National Ball Game View from TomL-DMV :

If you’re heading to a national championship match, always buy the cheapest seats available and then step into the center panel of the field, which is probably the best view.

Best airport from jdfighter :

Don’t fly to Dulles, it’s awful. Fly to Reagan if you can, but if you don’t fly to Baltimore (BWI) it’s about the same distance from downtown as Dulles actually is (maybe 10 minutes difference) and it’s an easy train ride and the best airport generally.

For dozens more suggestions, take a look at the source thread . Leave your tips here or here and come back Monday for tips about the Texas metropolis.


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